Bethany Beach Town Election Results on September 8, 2018

Faith Denault, R. Bruce Frye, Rosemary Hardiman and Lew Killmer elected to Town Council.

Total Votes

Faith Denault - 588

R. Bruce Frye - 593

Rosemary Hardiman - 615

Lew Killmer - 595 

James E. Sirkis - 290




The 2018 Annual Meeting was held  on  Sat June 23 at South Coastal Library with a large turnout of approximately 80 people


Click here to see the Presidents Report on Behalf of the Board, It includes the meeting agenda, comments on transitions within the BBLA Board, as well as significant activities in the past year in each of BBLA's four major purposes. Members approved the bylaws change and elected the following as BBLA officers: President-Patrick McGuire; Vice President-Kathy Sierra; Treasurer-Susan Fried; Recording Secretary- Mary Louise Embrey; Membership Secretary-Tracy Mulligan.


Members received presentations on beach replenishment and on Tidal and Rainwater Flooding.  Click here for the presentation from Charlii Miller of ECSI on Tidal and Rainwater Flooding in Bethany Beach.



Senator Carper spoke in Bethany Beach on October 26, 2018 about the recently adopted Water Infrastructure Act of 2018. 


The bill was  adopted by Congress on a 99-1 bipartisan vote. His description of the bill included


"For our state, this bill ---includes a new $75 million program to address critical beach nourishment projects along our coasts. "

Click here for his summary 

Background information on Flooding in Bethany Beach


BBLA Members received a presentation on Tidal and Rainwater Flooding at the 2018 annual meeting. Click here


The Army Corps of Engineers did a study on the “viability of implementing flood risk management solutions for the tidal and coastal storm flooding problems that occur with the Town of Bethany Beach Delaware.".  It is our understanding that the Town has its engineer reviewing the study. Click here for the study


Here is basic information from the Town on flooding, -posted in 2010 and still useful.




Emergency Prepardness 

The Town has considerable information about emergency preparedness  on their website at