Beach Concession

Letter from BBLA President about town staff handling the beach umbrella concession and establihment of a storm emergency relief fund. - Click to View

Town Staff recently developed a proposal for Council consideration that town staff operate the beach umbrella rental concession instead of awarding the concession to Ron Steen, the only bidder.

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Letter from BBLA President - Storm Emergency Relief Fund - Click to View

We write to share with you some initial thoughts regarding the Storm Emergency Relief Fund (“SERF”) item on your February 16 workshop agenda.

We think it helpful to break down SERF into six separate issues: (1) Is a SERF necessary, (2) What should be the precise purpose or purposes of such a fund (for example, should it be restricted to repairing damage caused by a future “super storm” or should it also be available to pay for periodic beach replenishment), (3) How much money should be put into such a fund,(4) How fast should the money be accumulated, (5) Can neighboring communities be persuaded or expected to contribute to a SERF and (6) How should the Town raise the money (or its share of the money) for the fund?

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