Beach Replenishment

Rebuilding of dune and beach completed. Crossover and handicap ramp work continues.

The town has done an excellent job of making information available to citizens about the beach replenishment and the associated work of crossovers, fence, handicapped ramps, etc. Their latest update includes

"The rebuilding of our dune and beach is completed and was certainly needed. We can once again enjoy a wide and accommodating beach. But the project is not over yet. The project not only calls for beach and dune replenishment but also calls for the USACE sub contractor to install dune fence and construct new crossovers." These crossovers are now under construction, at a rate of two per day- the town will install mats at the crossovers as needed. The town advised that "unfortunately construction on our handicap ramps at Ocean View Parkway and Wellington Parkway will not begin until later in the summer"

The most recent info, updated every day or so, is available on the Town website