The Bethany Beach Landowners Association (BBLA), with our 1273 members, is working to help individuals and businesses in need in our community during the COVID-19 crisis. BBLA was founded in 1969 “to carry on charitable, educational and civic work” for Bethany Beach and our members. That has been our mission for over 50 years. The work to fulfill the purposes described varies from time-to-time depending on the circumstances.  
Today, our focus is on helping businesses in Bethany Beach that are open in a limited way, and provide some services to the public. For example, restaurants are offering on-line or phone ordering and outside pick-up service. Retail stores and other establishments have their own arrangements.  For a list, see our ad in this and subsequent editions of Coastal Point. The businesses listed are a vital part of the Bethany Beach community. Right now, they are trying to survive and help their employees until they can more fully reopen and business returns to some semblance of normal.  All of us can help them stay in business.  
While staying safe and practicing social distancing, we can help them by, for example, ordering meals from the restaurants, maybe as frequently as we used to go out to eat before the current restrictions. Try new places. There’s a lot to consider: books, beverages, sandwiches, baked goods and more.  You’ll enjoy the experience; your orders will be very much appreciated; and as a bonus, you’ll have the satisfaction of being part of a community-wide assistance effort.   
Thanks for your support.
Patrick McGuire, President Bethany Beach Landowners Association

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