Special Announcement

BBLA Special Announcement
Notice of 2020 Annual Meeting of the
Bethany Beach Landowners Association
The Board of Directors of the BBLA has decided, for reasons of public safety in the midst of the declared state of emergency caused by the pandemic, to cancel the in-person public meeting previously scheduled for June 13 th . With the use of Zoom technology, a brief meeting (not to exceed 1 hour) will be held at 10 AM on Saturday, July 25, 2020.
You are invited to attend the meeting using the instructions below . Questions and voting by participants will be possible by using the Zoom message feature. By conducting the business portion of the annual meeting through a virtual meeting, BBLA is able to meet the legal requirements of the Charter and the State of Delaware. In addition, there will be a discussion and vote on a set of By-laws revisions that will permit virtual participation in future meetings.
  • Welcome by the President, Patrick McGuire
  • Treasurer's Report by Susan Fried
  • covers financial statements for 2019 and 2020 (to date)
  • vote to be conducted for membership approval
  • Minutes from 2019 Annual Meeting Presented for Membership Vote by Mary Louise Embrey, Communications Director
  • Discussion of Proposed By-laws Changes
  • previously Board-approved
  • vote to be conducted for membership approval (proposed changes included in this communication)
  • Presentation of Board Members beginning or renewing their 2-yr terms of office
  • vote to be conducted for membership approval
  • Presentation of Slate of New Officers for 2-yr terms
  • vote to be conducted for membership approval
  • Remarks by Newly Elected President
  • Membership Q&A
(Information on the Board & Officer Slate can be found here )
Proposed Modifications to the Bylaws
July 25, 2020
The By-laws approved June 17, 2017, were modified slightly in the Annual Meeting the following year to allow Board Members who could not physically attend Board Meetings to participate virtually.  The challenges of 2020 have prohibited the ability to physically meet.
These proposed modifications of the By-laws expand BBLA's ability to hold virtual meetings. BBLA expects that when emergency conditions are no longer in place, physical annual meetings will resume. At this time, a change in the By-laws is warranted to provide flexibility for now and in the future, whenever conditions require the use of virtual technologies. 
The heart of these changes is in Article VI Meetings which define how Members and Board Members can participate virtually.
Note that our requirements for quorums and our notice periods have not changed. We have added the ability for the Board to hold the annual meeting at times other than in June. 
The Board seeks your approval of these By-laws changes which have also been reviewed by counsel.
Read the entire By-laws with the changes indicated in BOLD/ Italics . Please be prepared to offer any comments or questions at the annual meeting. 
Registration Instructions:
Registration is required, please register here . You will receive further instruction through the registration process.

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