Communications Director


Job Description:  BBLA Communications Director

The BBLA Board has created the position of BBLA Communications Director to support the BBLA Board in its goal of proactively gathering and disseminating to the members information that could affect the quality of life of Bethany Beach citizens.  


The Communications Director will assist the Board in developing and implementing a communications strategy which emphasizes gathering information in a timely manner so as to allow communication to members using the most appropriate channel. Proactive gathering of information, informed by further fact-finding as needed, will also allow deliberation by the Board on matters of importance which might warrant more careful attention or prompt action.


The Communications Director will attend BBLA Board Meetings.   The Communications Director, depending on qualifications, could be asked to join the BBLA Board as a non-voting member. 


The Communications Director will:

Gather information by:

  • Attending key Town Council and Committee meetings;
  • Attending Sussex County Council meetings when items of interest to Bethany Beach are on the Agenda;
  • Consulting with knowledgeable BBLA Board Members;
  • Attending regularly scheduled meetings with the Town Manager;
  • Reviewing local area newspapers (such as the Coastal Point and Delaware Wave) and other sources of information, mainly by screening websites for the Chamber of Commerce and local organizations.
  • The Communications Director would normally attend the meetings listed above. However, if unable to attend, the Director will notify the President or Executive Committee so that coverage might be arranged with a BBLA Board member.  (Regular Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings can be viewed live stream or by audio-video recordings.)


 Create timely summary reports of meetings for review by the Executive Board.


Recommend and prepare communications to BBLA Members

  • As issues of interest to the community arise, the Communications Director will discuss the issues with the BBLA President and recommend appropriate communication action, which would then be presented to the BBLA Board for approval. 
  • These actions could include: (1) dissemination via Newsletter; (2) dissemination via email and/or BBLA Beach News; (3) posting on BBLA website; (4) BBLA Board decision on additional information needed for complex or sensitive issues before communicating to the community 
  • The Communications Director will draft communications for (1), (2) and (3), and could be asked to support data gathering research for item (4) above


Prepare the BBLA Beach News (periodic publication) and BBLA Newsletter (2-3 issues/year), soliciting input from BBLA Board members


Perform functions of a Recording Secretary for the BBLA Board, to include:

  • Preparation of draft and final minutes of Board and Annual membership meetings.
  • Preparation of agendas for Board Meetings at the direction of the President.





 The Communications Director should have:

  • At least 5 years’ experience in public policy communications. Experience with non-profit advocacy groups would be an asset.
  • Excellent writing and oral communication skills. A writing sample should be submitted with the application.
  • Strong professional judgement to support recommendations to the BBLA Board.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate professionally and effectively with Town government officials, including Council and Committee members and management officials.
  • Working knowledge of current web-based communications tools, and report and graphic publication software


The BBLA Board will enter into a professional services agreement with the Communications Director.  The Communications Director will be an Independent Contractor.   Consultant Fees would be negotiated on an hourly basis for work performed under the contract, and would be subject to an annual dollar cap.   The expected hours to cover the services under these terms of reference would be in the range of 140-160 hours per year.


Revised:  10-7-19

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