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The purpose is reflected in Article III of the current Bylaws of the Association together with related objectives, as follows:


The purposes for which the [Association] is organized are to carry on charitable, educational and civic work for the improvement of the Town of Bethany Beach, and in furtherance of these ends:


In a 1978 newsletter, the President of the Bethany Beach Landowners Association, Val Montanari, described BBLA and its purpose as “a civic organization whose purpose is to foster awareness of public matters affecting the interests of property owners and to take action when necessary to protect such interests.” Over the 34 years since that early mission statement, it has continued to serve as a guide for BBLA activities.


In 2012 BBLA did a survey with over 500 member responses and 98% agreed with the above statement.  BBLA is a 501(c) 4 association. 

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