What Is BBLA All About?

BBLA provides this "Corner" to state the purpose of BBLA and its top priorities.  Keep current with BBLA through these publications: BBLA Beach News & BBLA Newsletter.


BBLA Statement of Purpose: 

    • collect and disseminate information on matters that impact and are important to the membership
    • present the views of the membership to governments, organizations, and the public
    • work with community leaders and elected officials of the Town, the Sussex County Council and State and Federal Government officials on issues most vital to Bethany Beach
    • pursue opportunities for partnerships and regional cooperation efforts across jurisdictional boundaries
    • advocate for the issues that affect Bethany Beach property owners
    • support local charitable and civic organizations that contribute to the well-being of the Bethany Beach area
    • report to membership on all of the above


Top Priorities Based on Membership Surveys and BBLA Board Input:

    • support measures to reduce nuisance or sunny day flooding in view of sea level rise and the trend of frequent and more severe storms
    • support measures to control development and significant population and business growth in order to protect the quality of life in Delaware, Sussex County and Bethany Beach
    • support measures to ensure bicycle and pedestrian safety throughout the Town


To participate with BBLA advocacy and committee work, contact BBLA here

Support to the Local Community

BBLA’s Certificate of Incorporation dated October 14, 1969, states the organization’s mission is “to carry on charitable, educational and civic works for the improvement of Bethany Beach.” Due to the membership’s generosity, BBLA has been able to conduct a variety of activities focused on the improvement of Bethany Beach. Membership dues sustain the organization; however, contributions included with the dues are what has allowed BBLA to provide members with increased communications and advocacy and provide charitable and civic support to the local community.   


Two Donation Categories: Charitable & Civic

The BBLA Donations Committee reviews applications for donations in both categories within the parameters of a yearly budget. Recommendations are presented to and voted upon by the BBLA Board. Charitable Donations provided in 2021 can be found here; and Civic Donations provided in 2021 can be found here 

Effective Action Requires Strong Partnerships

BBLA is in the process of establishing advocacy partnerships. Watch this list as it grows:

    • SARG - Sussex Alliance for Responsible Growth - A non-partisan Alliance to inform, educate and engage the citizens of Sussex County as to the critical importance of the development, adoption and implementation of a Comprehensive Plan that fosters smart Growth, ensures a balance between a sustainable quality of life and economic development and encourages Responsible and transparent governance.


    • Sussex 2030 - a non-partisan grassroots group concerned about responsible development of the County, preservation of the environment, and economic development of southeastern Sussex County


    • The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays - was established as a non-profit in 1994 due to years of active participation and investigation into the decline of the Inland Bays and the remedies for the restoration and preservation of the watershed.  Being an "estuary of national significance", the Center for the Inland Bays is one of the 28 National Estuary Programs.  Their mission is to preserve, protect and restore Delaware's Inland Bays and their watershed through: Education, Outreach, Science & Research, Restoration, and Public Policy.

Issues/Action Items Corner


Read the latest BBLA letter to Governor Carney re Delaware's participation in the Back Bay Study - View the Flooding in Town pictures enclosure. 


View the 2022 BBLA Annual Meeting recording - includes short PowerPoint presentations and a guest speaker presentation on Growth Issues. 


Please review Homeowner Best Practices for Effective Drainage and Flood Mitigation for tips on how to protect your property from water damages.



Want to Know More About Offshore Wind Farms? 

The BBLA Board of Directors is exploring multiple components of this topic to provide objective information for BBLA members.  For an in-depth description of the various aspects related to wind power projects and links to numerous reliable resources, click here.


Please call 302-539-1000 to report safety issues on the beach


Sussex County Buffer Ordinance

BBLA sent the Sussex County Council a Statement for the Record supporting recommendations from the DE Center for Inland Bays. Additionally, BBLA Board Member and environmental specialist Chip Smith provided testimony on the subject at a February 22, 2022 Sussex County Council public hearing.  BBLA continually monitors County actions regarding the Buffer Ordinance. 


Growth Issues

It is BBLA policy to support and advocate for carefully planned, well-managed and controlled growth in Bethany Beach and Sussex County. We are not anti-growth. Through collaboration with all levels of government and non-governmental organizations, such as business groups and environmental groups, BBLA monitors the actions affecting growth issues. BBLA supports the implementation of the 2018 Sussex County Comprehensive Plan’s Goals and Objectives. Following the Plan can give us Smart Growth” in alignment with infrastructure growth.  

Click here to review some of the areas of concentration for the BBLA. 

Environmental Corner (EC)

BBLA provides this “Corner” for educational and awareness purposes. Click here to request the BBLA to cover specific topics.

This “Corner” of the BBLA website provides basic information on environmental resources (fish, wildlife, plants, landforms, etc.), highlights issues and challenges, and talks about opportunities to preserve, protect, and restore the special environment in and around BB. Web links are provided, when possible, so readers can delve deeper and learn more. 


Read the lastest work of Sussex County to update coastal wetlands ordinances


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