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2021 Membership Online Renewal Drive 

Now that this unusual year is coming to a close, BBLA is gearing up to increase membership in 2021, and build on the many membership improvements which began in 2020.   

Here’s a recap of the major BBLA undertakings: 

    • Redesign of the BBLA website – now includes 4 major “corners”  Issues/Action ItemsCOVID-19 Impact on Bethany BeachBBLA Purpose and CommunicationsEnvironmental Corner. 

    • Creation of a new publication - “BBLA Beach News“ - an electronic vehicle for current information pertinent for Bethany Beach property owners. We produced 20 issues this year to keep our members up-to-date on breaking news related to COVID restrictions and mitigations, as well as issues such as environmental and public safety concerns. 

    • Development of a Membership Survey yielding meaningful data for moving forward. 

    • Creation of a newly formatted, electronically issued, BBLA Newsletter – providing in-depth articles of interest to our members. This included a special “Town Council Election Edition” to inform members of candidate positions on key issues facing our Town. 

    • Augmentation of BBLA’s community assistance efforts during a difficult year for families in the surrounding areas and the downtown businesses –also called attention to the ongoing efforts of the Bethany Beach workforce in dealing with COVID through organizing an end of summer “Staff Appreciation Day. 

Advancing BBLA’s Future Efforts Depends on You: 

Advocacy efforts on behalf of the membership was clearly requested through the BBLA Fall Survey. To adequately cover major issues like the influence of regional growth on the character of Bethany Beachflood controlbicycle and pedestrian safety, evolving telecommunications opportunities, environmental issues, and Covid impactrequires additional support.  

For 2021, the BBLA Board of Directors has made a nominal dues increase. This is the first increase in 10 years. The membership has stated their overwhelming satisfaction with BBLA’s ongoing communications and the desire to increase advocacy efforts. Therefore, to sustain the frequency and depth of communication coverage, as well as participation in more strategic advocacy, the 2021 dues are set at $20/household (a $5 increase). 

We want to also thank the many members who give above that level.  This has allowed us to sustain our work as well as ensure that BBLA can be a good community neighbor; and we hope that you will continue to support us through additional donations. 

Your continued support is requested at this time. Our process has been fully automated and simplified: 

    • Either click here to directly access the renewal page, or go to: -- and select BBLA Membership -> Renew/Update Current Membership 

    • You will be presented with a series of screens to walk you through your membership profile and collect your payment 

    • If you have multiple email addresses entered in your membership account, you only need to renew once using any one of your addresses 

    • Please note that we collect payment through PayPal, but you can still use your personal credit card as a payment option 

    • Instructions are provided to guide you through the process, but we are always available for questions via 

The BBLA Board of Directors is proud to serve you, and appreciates your ongoing support.   Thank you in advance for your prompt response to our online membership renewal process. 

Kathy Sierra – BBLA President of the Board of Directors 

Ron Dobes – BBLA Vice President and Membership Director 



Want to Know More About Offshore Wind Farms? 

The BBLA Board of Directors is exploring multiple components of this topic to provide objective information for BBLA members.  For an in-depth description of the various aspects related to wind power projects and links to numerous reliable resources, click here.

BBLA Purpose and Communications Corner

BBLA provides this “Corner” to state the purpose of BBLA and share current information with members through ongoing communications with Town Officials and review of issues affecting Bethany Beach. For current issues of BBLA publications, Current BBLA Beach News & BBLA Newsletter:
What’s BBLA All About?:  
❖ Originally organized in 1969 to help Bethany Beach property owners maintain awareness of public matters affecting their interests and take necessary action to protect property owners’ interests

❖ Association Bylaws allow for charitable, educational, and civic work for the improvement of the Town of Bethany Beach

❖ Association is a 501(c) 4 organization with approximately 1,400 members 

❖ BBLA Beach News ➢ Issued on a regular - as needed - basis to members via email

❖ BBLA Newsletter  ➢ Issued 2-3 times/year - provides members with in-depth coverage of current issues/topics related to Bethany Beach and the surrounding areas

Impact on BB

BBLA provides this “Corner” to keep members updated on COVID-19 issues related to the Town of Bethany Beach


  • For Coronavirus Information related to Sussex County (including how to get tested) 






Environmental Corner (EC)

BBLA provides this “Corner” for educational and awareness purposes. Click here to request the BBLA to cover specific topics.

This “Corner” of the BBLA website provides basic information on environmental resources (fish, wildlife, plants, landforms, etc.), highlights issues and challenges, and talks about opportunities to preserve, protect, and restore the special environment in and around BB. Web links are provided, when possible, so readers can delve deeper and learn more. 

Read EC # 1:  “What is a Wetland?”

Read EC # 2:  "What is a Dune?"

❖ Read EC # 3:  “What is the Salt Pond?” 

❖ Read EC # 4:  “What Would You Like to Know About the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins?”

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