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2019 Bethany Beach Town Council Candidate responses to BBLA Questions


To see the questions and the candidates response, click on the links below:


BBLA Questions and Voting Procedure for Town Election

Candidate - Lee Bunting 

Candidate - Joseph Healy

Candidate - Jerry Morris

Candidate - Patrick Sheplee



Beginning in January 2020, BBLA's member registration/renewal process for the new year will begin. The following options will be available for your convenience:



1. For existing 2019 members:


     * If you selected electronic communications in 2019 as your preferred method, you will receive an email to guide you through the 2020 renewal process, Click Here.


     * If you prefer postal mailing, you will receive your renewal letter in January with the necessary information to renew, either by returning the letter with your information attached, or directly on the BBLA website under the Member Renewal tab, CLick Here.


2. For new members in 2020:


     * You will receive a postal mailing for new member registration.   This letter will contain the information necessary to join the BBLA, by either returning the letter with your information attached, or directly on the BBLA website under the Join BBLA tab. Please be on the lookout for that upcoming mailing, Click Here.


Due to the high costs of mailings and BBLA's effort to promote a healthier environment by "going green," members are encouraged to utilize electronic options wherever possible.  And please remember, all methods are implemented in a secure fashion to protect your data privacy.


BBLA Responses to the DNREC Survey – August 2019


When considering how to prioritize state dredging projects, which criteria do you see as most important? Please rank the following from 1-10, with 1 being the most important...


Review Complete Document



Dinker-Irvin museum on target for 2020 opening


Although the Dinker-Irvin museum has been moved to its permanent location, and renovations have been underway, the finished restoration is still more than a year away. There has been significant interest in seeing the inside restoration, so the committee is looking at the possibility of opening it for a couple hours a day for a day or two beginning in July 2019. For more information see the link below:



Background information on Flooding in Bethany Beach


BBLA Members received a presentation on Tidal and Rainwater Flooding at the 2018 annual meeting. Click here


The Army Corps of Engineers did a study on the “viability of implementing flood risk management solutions for the tidal and coastal storm flooding problems that occur with the Town of Bethany Beach Delaware.".  It is our understanding that the Town has its engineer reviewing the study. Click here for the study


Here is basic information from the Town on flooding, -posted in 2010 and still useful.



Emergency Prepardness 

The Town has considerable information about emergency preparedness  on their website at



Pedestrian Safety Measures on Collins Street Considered


On January 18, 2019 the Town Council conducted a well-attended hearing to review engineering plans and hear public comments on the proposed creation of a 5-foot wide walkway, on part of the Town’s public right-of-way property on the south side of Collins Street, from Half Moon Drive to Kent Avenue. Individuals were also allowed to ask the Town engineer questions about the proposed project. 


The proposal was developed to address serious and growing concerns about pedestrian safety on the street. Without a sidewalk, pedestrians walk in the street, which is one of the most heavily travelled streets for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles in Town. Available information indicates that the right-of-way property deeded to the Town for Collins Street was 40-feet. The paved street is now a relatively narrow 20-feet wide, with 10 feet of unpaved right-of-way on each side. The Town engineer recommended construction of the proposed walkway on part of that unpaved right-of-way to provide a safe walking area out of the vehicle travel lanes for the many pedestrians who use Collins Street to travel to and from the beach, boardwalk and downtown Bethany Beach.


From the numerous public comments at the hearing it appears that the main options for Council consideration and decision at some future date are:


  • continue the status quo (Council considered a similar safety proposal in 2009, but did not take any action);
  • advise/direct pedestrians to use the sidewalks on Garfield Parkway (Route 26);
  • install speed bumps and stop signs to slow, discourage and reduce vehicle traffic on the street, and study the results before doing anything further; or
  • construct the walkway and also install speed bumps and stop signs, as recommended by the Town engineer.


The Council is expected to decide on a course of action in the next few months. We will keep members informed of further developments.