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Volume 3 - Special Edition - 2022 Membership Renewal - November 17, 2021
BBLA Newsletter
2022 Online Membership Renewal Drive
Now that this unusual year is coming to a close, BBLA is gearing up to increase membership in 2022, and build on the many membership improvements which began in 2020.  
Thank you if you have already completed your 2022 membership renewal, in which case you can disregard the renewal request section. However, the year-end summary of BBLA activities found below is for all Bethany Beach property owners regardless of your membership status. Please take a look below at our efforts throughout 2021.
Here’s a recap of major BBLA efforts in 2021:
  • Developed an advocacy strategic plan focused on protecting the coastal towns from storm damage
  • Conducted (2) Zoom membership webinars: featured a speaker in June from the South Coastal Village Volunteers; and the fall webinar featured expert panelists focused on Environmental Concerns Affecting Bethany Beach
  • Created new BBLA Committees: Partnerships & Growth to address issues of concern to members
  • BBLA Board Members are now appointed members of the Town's new committes: Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety; Stormwater & Flooding; Telecommunications
  • Provided numerous informational articles in the Environmental Corner of BBLA's redesigned website
  • Kept members informed through monthly editions of the BBLA Beach News
  • Issued 3 editions of the BBLA Newsletter with in-depth articles pertinent to BB and the surrounding area
  • Launched BBLA's new logo
  • Created and distributed an Infographic describing membership benefits
  • Launched BBLA's Instagram account
For 2022, our dues remain at $20 per membership. If you have multiple email addresses tied to your membership account, you only need to renew once using any one of your addresses.
We want to thank our generous members who give a donation with their dues payment. This has allowed us to sustain our work as well as ensure that BBLA can be a good community neighbor. Our hope is that the donations category will continue to grow in 2022.
Our renewal process has been fully automated and simplified:
  • Either click here to directly access the renewal page, or go to: -- and select BBLA Membership -> Renew/Update Current Membership
  • Please note: if you are using a recently purchased Apple device to access the site, you may get a warning stating that our site may not be secure. This is a known, identified Apple issue. Rest assured, you may proceed through the warning knowing that the website connection is indeed secure. Alternatively, try using a different browser or different computer.
  • You will be presented with a series of screens to walk you through your membership profile and collect your payment
  • Please note that we collect payment through PayPal, but you can still use your personal credit card as a payment option
  • Instructions are provided to guide you through the process - questions can be addressed via
  • All members are highly encouraged to use online renewal for its efficiency, simplicity, security, and its contribution to a greener environment
  • Instructions for any mail-in renewals will be provided via a subsequent email
The BBLA Board of Directors is proud to serve you and appreciates your ongoing support.  Thank you in advance for your prompt response to our membership renewal process.
Kathy Sierra – BBLA President of the Board of Directors
Ron Dobes – BBLA Vice President and Membership Director

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