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Special Edition - Website Issue - December 3, 2021
BBLA Newsletter
Website Issue Alert
Many of you with Apple computers or iphones have been experiencing difficulties in accessing BBLA's website for our recent quick poll and membership renewal drive.  You have been receiving security warnings, even though the site is still secure.  This is an Apple issue.
However, our technical staff has enhanced our website to negate this issue while at the same time still preserving the safety and privacy of your confidential data.  
If you have experienced this issue, please retry the quick poll and your 2022 online membership renewal. For online membership renewal, please use the full address to ensure your computer is accessing our new website version.  For the quick poll access, please use this link and not the link I sent yesterday.
We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused, and appreciate your patience as we continually monitor and address the issue. Thank you for being a BBLA member.
The BBLA Board of Directors is proud to serve you and appreciates your ongoing support.  
Kathy Sierra – BBLA President of the Board of Directors
Ron Dobes – BBLA Vice President and Membership Director

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