BBLA Beach News (Archived)

BBLA Beach News
Volume 6 - June 2020 - 2nd Edition
  • Read Governor Carney's Statement of a Delay in Phase 3 Economic Reopening - “Too many Delawareans and visitors are not following basic public health precautions. We’ve heard and seen concerns especially in our beach communities ..."
  • Register for BBLA's virtual Annual Meeting - 7/25/20 at 10:00 am
BBLA Board keeping members informed through ongoing communications with Town Officials and reporting on meetings affecting Bethany Beach
Around Town
Town Council will Hold a Special Meeting to Discuss a Town Ordinance Addressing Face Coverings due to COVID-19
  • Virtual Meeting at 2:45 pm on 7-1-20
  • Follow instructions for registration
Important Reminders:
  • Town has canceled all special events through July 15th
  • Practice social distancing on the beach
Lights in Rt. 1 Median are Operational - thanks to BB for upgrading the lighting style
  • BBLA has launched its "new and improved" website
  • Town Council will hold elections on 9-12-20
  • 4 Council Members will be elected for 2-yr terms
  • ballots will be mailed to all voters
  • in-person voting also available
  • filing deadline for candidates is 7-29-20
  • Safety Crosswalk Flashing Light Operating at Wellington & Rt 1
T hank You Bethany Beach for Keeping Up the Beautiful Gardens
During This Very Unusual Summer!

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