BBLA Beach News (Archived)

BBLA Beach News
Volume 10 - September 2020
  • Participate in the Town of Bethany Beach's Virtual Emergency Preparedness Seminar on 9/4 at 7:00 pm -obtain preparedness tips for upcoming storm season
  • Remember it's VOTING TIME for the Town Council Election:
  • Election on 9/12/20 Noon - 6:00 PM in Town Hall - 214 Garfield Parkway - absentee ballots are available
  • Read the Town Notice for list of the 5 candidates for the 4 available Town Council seats
  • Read the absentee voting instructions
  • Read Candidate Responses to questions compiled by BBLA
  • View the recording from the Coastal Point annual Candidates’ Night in Bethany Beach - held on August 28th
BBLA Board keeping members informed through ongoing communications with Town Officials and reporting on meetings affecting Bethany Beach
Around Town
New Parking Instructions for End of Summer Season:
  • Free Parking starts September 1st before 10 am and after 4 pm
  • Current Parking Restrictions are continued until 9/15 between 10 am and 4 pm
  • EXCEPTION: Residential Parking Permits required until October 1 on beach lots and street ends
COVID-19 Related Updates:
  • Per Gov. Carney's 25th Modification: State of Emergency Declaration - children of kindergarten age and older are required to wear masks outside of child care and schools
  • Town playground equipment now open (except basketball) - masks required and sanitizing products available for use (see below)
Looks Like Two Happy Eagles Have Taken Up Residency in
BB's Central Park!
BBLA-sponsored "Town Staff Appreciation Day" - held on 8/20/20
  • BBLA Board provided, with the support of DiFebo's, lunches to many happy and appreciative Town of BB Staff
BBLA Board planned and produced a heart-warming day to remember
Safety Rules at the Town Playground
Kids Enjoying the Playground
No "Playing Hoops" for Now
Dogs must be leashed and curbed at all times in Bethany Beach & are prohibited on the beach and boardwalk from May 15 to September 30

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