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BBLA Beach News
Volume 12 - November 2020
  • Take a look at the results of the BBLA 2020 Membership Survey here. A significant amount of the membership have spoken and BBLA is listening - many thanks to those who participated. A summary of the major "take aways" is below.
  • BBLA Membership Renewal for 2021 is now accessible. With holidays around the corner, take time out NOW to renew online - it's a new streamlined process. Be sure to encourage your neighbors to become BBLA members - increased membership makes for a stronger BBLA.
  • Mark your calendars and read registration instructions for a virtual public hearing on 11/13/20 . The purpose of the hearing is to receive public comments regarding a renewal of the franchise agreement with Mediacom and a possible new franchise agreement with Comcast. Public comment is being sought prior to the Town Council's deliberation at their 11/20/20 meeting.
BBLA Board keeping members informed through ongoing communications with Town Officials and reporting on meetings affecting Bethany Beach
Around Town
  • Town Council Seeking Citizen Participation in New Ad-hoc Committees
  • Beach closure - short period in late October due to oil spill - read more
Wondering about the new equipment in place around Town? This 2018 FCC Press Release can help explain.
Fall in Bethany Beach -
very enjoyable - even for our "furry friends"
Survey Results Summary:
  • Full support and satisfaction with increased communications
  • Positive reaction to BBLA Newsletter articles
  • Advocacy Involvement highly rated
  • Four highest ranked issues:
  • Impact of surrounding areas population growth on BB as a "Quiet Resort"
  • Stormwater and Tidal Flooding
  • Telecommunications
  • Pedestrian and Bicyle Safety
  • Current low use of BBLA website but interest in exploring the new site
  • Current low interest in expanding communications with Facebook and Instagram
BBLA views all issue areas reflected in the survey as significant and will continue to watch and brief the membership as appropriate - greater emphasis will be placed on the top 4 issues.
THANKS AGAIN for your participation!
New "Environmental Corner" Piece on the Salt Pond - Now Posted on BBLA Website
South Coastal Village Volunteers
BBLA provided charitable donation assistance to help kick-off this new effort benefitting BB and residents in the adjacent areas. The goal is to help seniors age in place. Read more
here about signing up to become a program member or to serve as a volunteer

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