BBLA Beach News (Archived)

BBLA Beach News
Volume 1 - January 2021
  • Happy to report many BBLA membership renewals have been processed. If you haven't done so already and want to keep your account current, please access the 2021 streamlined Membership Renewal online process. Be sure to encourage your neighbors to become BBLA members - increased membership makes for a stronger BBLA.
  • Stay informed about COVID-related items in BB and the surrounding area through accessing the Town website and BBLA's COVID Corner.
BBLA Board keeping members informed through ongoing communications with Town Officials and reporting on meetings affecting Bethany Beach
Around Town
  • Town Council new Ad-hoc Committees established - BBLA Board Members represented on all 3 Committees
  • Stormwater and Tidal Flooding - chaired by Bruce Frye - BBLA rep: Chip Smith
  • Telecommunications - chaired by Patrick Sheplee - BBLA rep: Ron Dobes
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety - chaired by Faith Denault - BBLA rep: Diane Fogash
Winter Sky in Bethany Beach
Notice Something New About BBLA?
BBLA is launching a new logo (see above) - represents a revitalization of a community organization that's worked on behalf of BB property owners for more than a half century
New Year - New Logo
BBLA Moving Forward with a 2021 Strategy Based on Survey Results
  • progress in areas of interest to the membership to be reported in future Beach News issues
  • keep in touch with BBLA Board members via the BBLA website
The Town's YouTube Channel
  • now being used for Town Council meetings & other information
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Bethany Beach in
Holiday Style
Happy 2021!
Stay Safe & Sound
BBLA: An Association for
All Bethany Beach, DE Property Owners

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