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BBLA Article on Wetlands and Buffers Working Group published 5/21 online in Coastal Point

BBLA Purpose and Communications Corner

BBLA provides this “Corner” to state the purpose of BBLA and share current information with members through ongoing communications with Town Officials and review of issues affecting Bethany Beach. For current issues of BBLA publications, Current BBLA Beach News & BBLA Newsletter:
What’s BBLA All About?:  
❖ Originally organized in 1969 to help Bethany Beach property owners maintain awareness of public matters affecting their interests and take necessary action to protect property owners’ interests

❖ Association Bylaws allow for charitable, educational, and civic work for the improvement of the Town of Bethany Beach

❖ Association is a 501(c) 4 organization with approximately 1,400 members 

❖ BBLA Beach News ➢ Issued on a regular - as needed - basis to members via email

❖ BBLA Newsletter  ➢ Issued 2-3 times/year - provides members with in-depth coverage of current issues/topics related to Bethany Beach and the surrounding areas

Impact on BB

BBLA provides this “Corner” to keep members updated on COVID-19 issues related to the Town of Bethany Beach



Environmental Corner (EC)

BBLA provides this “Corner” for educational and awareness purposes. Click here to request the BBLA to cover specific topics.

Our Bethany Beach, DE, community is a very special place, blessed with sun and sand, and also with critically important environmental resources in and around the community.  It is the environmental values, in part, that attract people to live, work, and vacation in our community. BBLA Board members have been tracking key issues with environmental implications:

❖ proposals to construct and operate wind farms off the coast

❖ acquisition and protection of wetland parcels in the community

❖ environmental impacts of what has come to be known as “nuisance flooding” of streets and lots

The EC provides basic information on our environmental resources, highlighting issues and challenges, and talking about opportunities to preserve, protect, and restore this special environment in and around BB.  This “Corner” of the BBLA website will  provide general information on our environmental resources (fish, wildlife, plants, landforms, etc.), typically with web links, so readers can delve deeper and learn more. 

Read EC # 1:  “What is a “Wetland?”

Read EC # 2:  "What is a "Dune?"

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